COVID Safety

COVID Safety

Updated 5/26/21. Our COVID Safety Protocols are subject to change throughout the season as we continually monitor the decisions of the County and Health Departments.

COVID Symptoms

  • Do not come to the pool or pool area if you or anyone in your household are experiencing any of the signs or symptoms of COVID-19, including but not limited to:
    • fever or chills, 
    • cough, 
    • shortness of breath, 
    • muscle or body aches, 
    • sore throat, 
    • nausea or vomiting, or 
    • new loss of taste or smell. 
  • If you or anyone living in your household has tested positive for COVID-19, thinks or knows they had COVID-19, you and your family can return to the pool after 3 days with no fever, symptoms have improved, and it has been 10 days since symptoms first appeared.

Reservations (updated 5/26/21)

  • We are excited to announce that there will be no pool capacity restrictions and that we are no longer requiring reservations for open swim, effective opening day, May 29, 2021. This means members can come to the pool any time during open hours. This reflects a recent change in County regulations to lift capacity restrictions for outdoor pools and the continued and dramatic decrease in COVID infection rates in the county.
  • Reservations for lap lanes during open swim and early bird lap lanes will still be accepted and all current lap lane reservations are still valid. Please continue to make reservations for these lanes in our member portal.
  • Only Pool members who are listed in the Member Portal will be permitted to use the pool.
  • We reserve the right to impose capacity restrictions and a reservation system should conditions change.

Capacity (updated 5/26/21)

  • Although we do not have a capacity restriction, we will closely monitor pool attendance with a real-time “at pool” capacity counter available in the member portal.
  • We reserve the right to impose capacity restrictions and a reservation system should conditions change.
  • Socially Distanced Pods As previously announced, we will still make available a limited number of socially distanced pods around the pool area on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Board recognizes that there will still be some members that are not vaccinated and/or seek to maintain social distancing.  We believe making these pods available allows us to address the needs of this portion of our membership.

Check-In and Check-Out (updated 5/26/21)

  • Members will be required to check-in at the Front Desk/Lifeguard station when entering with the names of each member entering.
  • Members will also be required to check-out at the Front Desk/Lifeguard station by alerting staff with the number of people leaving the facility. (*NEW*)

Pool Access by Kids (updated 5/26/21)

  • We are pleased to announce that kids who are at least 12 years old may access the pool without being accompanied by a designated responsible individual.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a designated responsible individual who is at least 16 years of age.   Upon entry to the pool, an individual that is responsible for any kid under 12 years of age must inform the lifeguards that they are serving as a designated responsible individual.  This returns us to our pre-Covid rules.
    Ages 12 and older –> May enter without a designated responsible individual.
    Ages 11 and under –> Must be accompanied by a designated responsible individual at least 16 years of age and must alert the lifeguards when they check-in.

Guests (updated 5/26/21)

  • With the lifting of capacity restrictions, we have decided to allow guests effective June 7th, instead of the previously announced June 16th effective date.
  • Initially, two guests will be permitted per membership per visit.   For example, a family of four with a family membership will be permitted two guests at a given time for the entire family, not two guests per family member.
  • For members who have already joined the 2021 season and for those who join by June 7, three (3) FREE guest passes will be automatically loaded into your account, viewable in the member portal. Afterwards, the fee for each guest will be $8.00 per guest per visit.
  • Guest passes must be pre-purchased from our shop and will automatically be added to your account. They will be deducted when you check-in your guest.
  • Before bringing guests, members are encouraged to pre-register their guests through the member portal.  This will generate a list of registered guests for the lifeguards that will facilitate fast entry to the pool.  If you do not pre-register a guest, you will be required to do so upon entering the pool.
  • No cash payments will be accepted.

Risk and Waiver

  • An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. Members voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19, and will be required to sign a COVID-19 pool regulations commitment regarding social distancing and other requirements, confirming their compliance to the regulations.
  • IRC’s priority is the safety and well-being of all members and staff. Together with Georgetown Aquatics we will remain up to date and compliant with state and county regulations.

Face Coverings (updated 5/26/21)

  • The health and safety of our members and staff have been our top priority as we open for this season and we have closely and consistently followed the CDC, County and Health departments recommendations. 
  • We will follow the CDC and County guidelines on mask usage. 
  • Consistent with these guidelines, we strongly encourage unvaccinated individuals to wear masks when not in the pool. 
  • Vaccinated individuals will not be required to wear masks. 
  • We do not intend to have the lifeguards police mask usage as this would be nearly impossible. 
  • We encourage everyone to act responsibly to promote safety.

Community Areas and Furniture (updated 5/26/21)

  • Furniture, chairs, tables will be positioned around the pool deck for members’ convenience.
  • Per CDC and County guidelines, we are not requiring the use of pods, however we recognize that some individuals may not be vaccinated (e.g., children under 12) or still want to maintain a higher degree of social distancing.  This way, members can choose a spot they are most comfortable with when they arrive, so we will still make available a limited number of socially distanced pods around the pool area on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Board recognizes that there will still be some members that are not vaccinated and/or seek to maintain social distancing.  We believe making these pods available allows us to address the needs of this portion of our membership.
  • Members may bring their own food and drink (no glass items). Members are required to pack any trash, leaving the facility free of litter.
  • Grills will be available for use on a first come first served basis.
  • Outside food delivery will be permitted. Members must meet the delivery outside the main entrance.
  • The Basketball Court, Swings, Playground Equipment will be open.
  • The Clubhouse, and Water Fountains will be closed until further notice.
  •  The Baby Pool will be open! (Updated 5/3)  A water diaper and plastic diaper cover is required for non-potty trained children.  This will be strictly enforced for general health and safety reasons.

Toys and Floatation Devices (updated 5/26/21)

  • Flotation Devices: Only Coast Guard- approved life vests and water wings are allowed. Children wearing said items must be supervised by an individual, 16 or over, in the pool, within arm’s reach. (See the note below regarding prohibited non US Coast Guard approved flotation.)
  • Other Flotations Including Rafts, Rings and Noodles: Rafts, inflatable rings and pool flotation devices, including noodles, are permitted in the pool at this time.  (See the note above regarding IRC use of US Coast Guard approved life vests.)
  • Toys: Only small toys designed for use in the water may be taken into the pool. Generally speaking, this includes small toys which are designed to be used in or on the water, like diving rings and diving tubes. No hard plastic items are permitted.
  • Small Balls. Small soft balls will be permitted for use in the pool. As a reminder, any balls, toys or other items left behind after a swim session will be immediately discarded, as we are not permitted to maintain a lost and found.
  • Squirt Guns and Plastic Water Toys: Squirt guns or squirt toys, tennis balls, anything that is used to skip across the water, and/or hard plastic items (except for diving tubes and rings noted above) and similar items are prohibited in the pool.  This includes Water Bomb Splash Balls, Water Bomb Soaker Balls, Original Splash Bombs, and similarly marketed pool balls used for throwing, skipping across the pool surface.
  • Sports Balls: Basketballs, Tennis balls, Soccer and Footballs are prohibited in the pool.
  • Kickboards: Kickboards may be used for swimming and floating only. Use of kickboards for any other purpose, including hitting, splashing, or throwing is strictly prohibited. Pool management may confiscate any kickboard that is being used improperly.
  • Lifeguard Enforcement: The pool lifeguard staff may, at their discretion, exclude any toy item from the pool, even the approved items above, if they determine that use of the toy presents an unsafe situation.   Decisions made by the lifeguard staff are to be respected.  Challenges to decisions made may be grounds for dismissal.


  • Restrooms, showers and changing rooms will be open and will be cleaned and sanitized according to county and health department guidelines.
  • Soap, water and hand sanitizer will be provided.  Members are expected to follow instructions on signs.
  • Pool railings, diving boards, furniture, and commonly touched areas will be sanitized according to the County Health Department regulations.

Lost and Found

  • Under COVID safe operating conditions, we will not be able to provide a Lost and Found.
  • As all items will be discarded at the end of each day, please keep your valuables at home and take your possessions with you as you leave the facility.

Private Pool Rental

  • Limited Capacity Private Pool Rentals is available after the pool closes. For more information please contact


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