Together, We Made It!

Dear Members,

Together we made it!   With your help and commitment, we managed to put together a summer swim season in a most uncertain time.   Looking back, and were we to have guessed, we would not have predicted our ability to successfully create a summer swim season given the uncertainty we were facing earlier this year.  Our success criteria included a pool reopening under COVID restrictions with enough time to call it ‘a season’; managing a safe environment for all members; balancing a short-term fiscal deficit in the face of longer term sustainability needs; and bringing additional transparency into planning efforts with increased membership feedback through periodic surveys.  

With your help and patience we were able to put together a suitable solution and were one of the first pools in the area to open under COVID restrictions, and with safety measures in place for the membership, including the use of a new scheduling tool.  The County established a maximum capacity for IRC of 160 people per session, but the IRC board chose to reduce this to 60 people to better accommodate social distancing and most importantly to make members feel safe.  While other pools in the area significantly increased capacity after opening, and some also received warnings from the County for not following COVID-related guidance, we conclude the season without any such infractions. 

We look forward to off season planning activities and input from the membership (comment form linked below) for decisions which we believe will continue to strengthen the IRC Club in the forthcoming years.

Dates to Remember:

Monday, 8/31Change in pool schedule to conform to MCPS school times (reflected in Omnify)
Tuesday, 9/ 1Last Early Bird swim sessions
Monday, 9/7 (Labor Day)Last day pool is open

Swim Team Update: While Covid-19 caused the cancellation of the MCSL competitive summer swim season, it could not stop the Nessie swim team. Under the leadership of Coach Brian and his assistants, the team hit the water in late June and just completed its season.  The team practiced every weekday, had several virtual meets, and had Fun Fridays with individually-wrapped donuts, music, and relay competitions. Our dedicated coaches even distributed end-of-season personalized celebratory posters to all swimmer’s houses.  We are also pleased to announce that Coach Brian and our assistant coaches – Julie, Stephanie and Elisa – plan to return for next season. 

Tennis Update: We recently took care of some much needed maintenance on the Tennis courts. The surface was power washed and broken nets were replaced. The courts are primed and ready for our recreational players as well as our IRC Tennis Team. We have two teams competing in the South Moco Interclub league. The teams have played 6 matches so far and they are at the top of the league at 1st and 2nd in the league standings. Five more matches to close out the season possibly followed by a short playoff. Go Team IRC! Please note that locks will be installed at the gates in the coming weeks to ensure that only members and guests are using the courts. Please ensure you lock the courts after use. The Lock code will be sent to membership before the locks are installed via email, or you can send an email to Please do not share the code with non-members.

ProsToYou has members-only discounted pricing for their fall tennis programs that begin 9/8 through 10/31. Register here: We had a great summer with ProsToYou Camp running socially-distant tennis camps throughout the summer. We had many IRC members take advantage of the member pricing and look forward to having them again next summer.

As we close out this season and look forward to next season, we’d like to share our 2020 Lessons Learned as we begin planning for 2021.

  • We have a dedicated contingent of lap lane users who value scheduled time at the pool
  • We have a group of committed member families who value the club and proved that by submitting their memberships as soon as we were accepting them
  • We have a strong group of passionate Swim Team coaches who worked to develop and follow a COVID compatible Swim Team program through a very uncertain season
  • We have a dedicated staff who worked through ambiguity during the early part of the season, and adapted to changing protocols
  • The board governance became stronger through ongoing decision making in the face of incredible uncertainty brought on by the pandemic
  • We have a series of decisions to make moving forward to ensure sustainability into the forthcoming years, requiring continued member support
  • Our members value the opportunity to provide feedback, and we value the feedback. (If you have feedback, thoughts, comments, suggestions, please complete our comment form here.)

Thank you!

IRC Board

Updates and Prorates and a Survey, Oh My!

Our pool has been operating for nearly a month for open and lap swimming and the summer swim season has been going quite well:

  • Many members have been enjoying the pool safely as most swim sessions are below or near our COVID-imposed capacity limits.
  • Our swim team has been practicing every weekday and is preparing for its first virtual meet with special events such as music Fridays, individually-wrapped donuts, and a virtual time trial.  
  • Our new reservation system has served us well, providing a simple and reliable way to manage and reserve swim times.
  • Our lifeguards have done a nice job adapting to their new responsibilities under COVID and helping to ensure our safety.
  • The vast majority of members have been committed to following the COVID rules and regulations that are critical to maintain safety and helping to ensure that the pool does not need to close.  This has not been easy to accomplish, but it is well worth the effort as we welcome opportunities for life to feel somewhat normal and to enjoy the relaxation, exercise, and fun that our pool offers. 

While we are pleased with how the season has been going, we are continually evaluating our procedures and gathering feedback from members to further enhance the summer swim season experience.  We value your input and suggestions. We often receive feedback from the vocal minority, which is helpful.  However, we also encourage the silent majority to share your thoughts, as well.   In this spirit we are providing an updated survey linked here, to allow you to easily (less than 2 minutes) provide your input and feedback to help us continue to improve the swim season experience.

In developing these rule changes and reminders our first priority remains the safety of our members and staff. With this in mind, the IRC Board agreed on the following rule updates and reminders:


  1. Open Swim Capacity. We have increased the open swim reservation capacity limits from 50 to 60 people for most weekend sessions and select weekday afternoons sessions. In reaching the decision to increase the capacity limits the Board weighed the increased demand for pool time with our ability to maintain social distancing and ensure that pool members continue to feel safe at the pool.  We believe increasing to a capacity limit of 60 for these times provides an appropriate balance and will not adversely impact safety. We also considered increasing pool operating hours, but given the added costs and financial constraints we are under that was ruled out for now.
  2. Small Balls.   Effective immediately small soft balls will be permitted for use in the pool.   Members cannot play with balls outside of the pool.  If members want to play with a ball at the pool, they must bring their own ball.   As a reminder, any balls, toys or other items left behind after a swim session will be immediately discarded, as we are not permitted to maintain a lost and found.
  3. Increased Open Swim and Additional Lap Lane Reservations. On or around the week of July 27, we will be adding additional lap lane sessions and increasing open swim time.  Based on our experience to date, we are able to reduce the gap time between sessions to allow sufficient time for swimmers to enter/exit the pool, while affording time for the cleaning required between sessions.  The reservation system will be updated accordingly to reflect the new changes, including new start and end times for session blocks.


  1. Wearing a Mask.   Our ability to keep the pool open requires that everyone do their part.  In particular, we remind everyone that members must wear a mask upon entry to the pool, upon exiting the pool, and within the bathrooms.     Entry to the pool will be denied to those not wearing a mask.  Additionally, should repeated offenses of this rule occur, members may be denied from using the pool facilities.
  2. No Shows.   “No Shows” must be avoided.   “No Shows” prevent others from using the pool facilities, particularly the lap swimming lanes.  If you will not be able to use a reserved time, you are required to cancel your reservation as a courtesy to other members and as required by the Board.   If we observe repeated “No Shows,” we may temporarily cancel a member’s ability to reserve swim time and prohibit access to the pool.  We recognize situations arise when you may not be able to attend a reserved swim time.  If this is the case, please use our reservation system to easily cancel your reservation as quickly as possible.
  3. Lifeguards.   The primary responsibility of our lifeguards is to ensure our members’ safety in the pool.  This year they have been required to take on additional responsibilities related to COVID rules and regulations.  We have asked them to ensure that our guidelines are being met such as, for example, by restricting pool access if there is not proper supervision of children 13 years old and younger, restricting pool access if masks are not worn upon entry, monitoring social distancing, and regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces.   That said, they are not the social distancing police – each of us must take responsibility for our actions to help ensure that all feel safe and are safe.  All members must treat the lifeguards respectfully and abide by their instruction.   If you have an issue with the lifeguards, then you should bring that to the attention of an IRC Board Member.   Arguing with or being disrespectful of the lifeguards will not be tolerated.  We are all in this together – including the lifeguards, who have done an excellent job this year during trying times.

PRORATED MEMBERSHIPS Beginning 7/17, a limited number of prorated memberships are available. (Family Plus $550, Family $500, Double $420, Single $350) To become a member or renew:

  • Complete the membership form linked here and email it to, drop off your check at the pool and once we receive it and process your membership, we will send you an email with a username/password to our reservation system.
  • For quicker access to the reservation system, purchase your membership online here and receive your username/password within a few hours.

🇺🇸 Red, White, & Blue, another update for you!

Things are going swimmingly since we opened and we have received a lot of positive feedback! Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work out a fair reservation system and a safe environment. We are frequently updating and refining our COVID Safety procedures and Reservation FAQs, so please continue to review them on a weekly basis. Effective today, we have a few notable updates and clarifications:

FACE COVERINGS: Face coverings must cover nose and mouth and be secured under the chin, per CDC guidelines. At IRC, face coverings are:

  • REQUIRED when entering and exiting the facility and at the Front Desk. Members will be denied entry if not properly covered.
  • REQUIRED when walking to/from and within the Restroom
  • REQUIRED when interacting with lifeguards
  • Encouraged while walking around the facility
  • Optional within your household pod
  • Prohibited in the water
  • Not applicable to children under 2

RESERVATION LIMITS: We have increased member limits to 10 reservations per week per individual listed on the membership. Members may reserve up to 10 spots in the week beginning Sunday and ending on Saturday. For questions, check our Reservation FAQs.

TOYS: Only small toys designed for use in the water may be taken into the pool, like diving rings and diving tubes. These small toys are for individual household use only and may not be shared with other households.  No balls or hard plastic items permitted. For specifics, please review our COVID Safety procedures.

NO SHOW POLICY: As a courtesy to other members, please cancel your reservation as soon as you have decided not to attend. This will ensure that other members have opportunities to schedule. Please remember to cancel the time slot for each member of the family. Members who need to be repeatedly canceled by staff at check-in due to a  ‘no-show’ status may have additional limitations placed on their scheduling privileges at the discretion of the IRC Board.

Upcoming Events:

  • Fourth of July weekend: We miss being able to host our usual Raft Nights, Teens Nights, Food Truck Fridays, and our legendary Fourth of July BBQ, but we still want to celebrate this holiday weekend with you. So, this weekend, the pool will be decked out in Red, White and Blue with festive music playing to give it a beachy vibe during your reservation block.
  • Tennis League: IRC will be once again participating in the Inter Club Tennis League this year. We will be joined by Seven Locks and Old Georgetown. Matches will be played on Saturday mornings at 9AM and we are planning on starting the season on July 18th. We are looking for adults that are rated 3.0 or higher for singles and doubles play. If you are interested, please contact
  • Survey: We want to know your thoughts on how we are doing, safety procedures and next steps. Please watch out for a survey in the next week.

Referral Reward: We are still accepting new members this season, so please tell your friends, family and neighbors about IRC. Current members can earn a $25 referral reward! Please make sure they include your name on their membership form.

Summer Tennis (AND CAMP) is BACK at IRC!

From our Tennis Partner, ProsToYou:

We are excited to officially announce the return of the Summer Camps at Inverness Recreation Club starting next week (June 29-July 3)! We will offer weekly (Monday through Friday) summer camps until September 4. 


In addition to our summer camps, ProsToYou Tennis is also offering morning one-hour junior tennis sessions, adult & junior group clinics. Please review the information and online registration links of these tennis offerings below!

NEWLY Updated Summer Group Program Offerings!

Summer Junior Tennis Team (June 22-August 14)
Junior One-Hour Morning Tennis Sessions (June 22-July 24)
Junior 8-Week Clinic Program (June 29-August 23)
Adult 8-Week Clinic Program (June 29-August 23)

ProsToYou Tennis will take the necessary procedures to make sure our coaches and players are in a safe environment while on the tennis courts. Below are the following procedures: 

  • Washing and sanitizing equipment after use (all equipment will be handled by the pros only).
  • Coaches will be at least 6 feet away from the players – all instruction given by the coaches will be on the opposite side of the tennis net from where the players are. 
  • Ball pick up will consist of players rolling the balls with their racquets to one corner of the court, while coaches use the hoppers to pick up the balls. 
  • Any physical contact between coaches and players will be prohibited (i.e.hands to yourself, no high fives, no touching balls with your hands).
  • Coaches will use markers and dots for player placement for juniors and adults when needed.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.