We are a 501(c)(7) social club within walking distance of Bells Mill Elementary School, Cabin John Middle School and McLean School. Neighborhood sidewalks make our pool safely accessible by foot or bike as well as by car. You’ll find that our members, activities, and facilities have something to offer everyone.

Check out our vibrant calendar of social events, swim team, swim lessons and tennis offerings that focus on community. From Early Bird Swim to Family Cookouts, we think you’ll agree that IRC is a great place to spend your summer. New memberships are available! And unlike nearby pools, we do not require a bond to maintain membership.

Meet the team!

2018 Board

  • PaulPaul Lemar
    Member since 2005

    Our family has been a member since our son Lee was three; he’s in high school now. It’s so much fun watching our girls Sammy and Mimi compete at the swim meets. We also love just going to the pool to hang out, whether it’s for a social hour or just meeting friends for a pool cookout. It’s something we really look forward to when the winters are cold and long!

  • JayJay Pearson
    Vice President
    Member since 2013

    IRC is a fantastic place to enjoy time with the kids. The swim team has been a great outlet of summer exercise disguised as fun for our boys and the summer tennis camps are also popular with our youngest. So many aspects of the club have had such a positive impact on our kids. Really like the low-key environment too and love our swim program (#Cool-Ness). It’s nice to show up every year and realize the friendships that have grown over time. Oh, one more thing… our single elimination, head to head ‘big splash’ bracket contest on the Fourth of July last year was something to see. To suddenly witness all these otherwise low key parents up their game in front of a pool deck ringed with screaming kids, cheering their favorite splash contestant is pretty good. Gotta admit.

  • AmyAmy Stolker
    Member since 2010
  • ElizabethElizabeth Whitman

    By day, I’m an attorney, but during summer evenings and weekends, you’ll find me unwinding with my family at Inverness Recreation Club. Whether it is meeting up with friends at a Friday night social hour or the July 4 party, soaking up rays while reading a book, taking a dip in the pool to cool off, enjoying a family dinner in the covered picnic area, or cheering on our son in a swim team event, there is always something fun going on. Inverness Recreation Club is our family’s haven from the hot and hectic DC summers and I hope you will make it yours, as well.

  • EstherEsther Lee
    Membership and Communications
    Member since 2017

    Finding one activity that appeals to all my kids, isn’t always easy– they range from Kindergarten to middle school. IRC is the perfect solution for my family– there is something for everyone, including myself! When I’m in the pool with my youngest, I can easily monitor what my other kids are doing, even if they are playing soccer, on the playground, and shooting hoops. IRC offers us an entire summer of safe, family-friendly, and healthy activities to enjoy together and with friends!

  • Sam De Souza
    Member since 2008

    As the reigning champion of the 4th of July Splash contest I figured I could add a Splash of fun for the pool as the Social Chair all season long.

  • MelissaMelissa De Souza
    Swim Team A-Rep
    Member since 2008
    The Swim Team “A Reps” are responsible for the general planning and operation of the swim team program at IRC. They represent the team as a member-at-large on the IRC Board of Directors, and also at the six business meetings held by the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) throughout the year. The A Reps hire the coaches and lead a team of volunteer parents to manage the Saturday meets, pep rallies, apparel, nessies.org website, and other team amenities and events. The A Reps work with the B Reps, coaches, and parents to keep the team running well so our kids can focus on swimming fast and having fun!
  • ChrisChris Dromerick
    Facilities and Planning
  • AzizAziz Araji
    Member since 2013

    IRC is our fun and relaxing place to be during the summer. Our children love the group of friends they have here, and we love that it keeps them active and outdoors enjoying nature and being social. I personally enjoy the Friday night adult social hours, the basketball courts and, without a doubt, the tennis courts.

  • MarkMark Kilner
    Board Member
    Member since 2003


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