Survey and COVID-19 Update II

Dear IRC Community,

We are preparing to open the pool, hopefully within the next two to four weeks, depending on your interest (please complete the survey at the end of this message), subject to State and County guidance and regulation, and assuming continued positive trends with respect to COVID-19 infection rates.   The IRC Board met last Thursday with our pool management company, Georgetown Aquatics to better understand likely safety and operating restrictions that the county will place upon us.   We asked them to complete final preparations for opening and to request a county Department of Health inspection inspection of the pool, which is required and should be completed within a week.  As we prepare to open the pool, we seek to take all reasonable precautions to promote a safe and enjoyable swimming environment, while carefully managing the pool finances.   

While detailed county guidelines have yet to be released, initially we anticipate at least the following operating restrictions:

  • In general, while in the pool and on the grounds, physical distancing restrictions will be in place.
  • In accordance with County regulations, we have decided an initial limit of 50 members on premises at a time and limiting the duration of visits.
  • The pool will have reduced operating hours, including potentially closing at least twice per day for one hour to allow for cleaning and sanitizing as determined by a County requirement. Also, potentially closing an hour early on weekdays and/or one or two days depending on membership registrations.
  • Only pool members will be permitted to use the pool– guests will not be permitted.
  • The baby pool will be closed, per County regulations.
  • The basketball court, playground and swing set areas will be closed, and no outside toys (balls, flotation devices, noodles, etc.) will be permitted.
  • Lap swimming will be limited to one person per lane with limitations for how long a person may swim in a lane.
  • Members will be required to sign-in at the pool, and potentially to sign-out to monitor pool attendance.
  • Members will be required to self-quarantine if they come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 and to not use the pool if they or any family members have any symptoms potentially related to COVID-19.
  • Members will be required to sign a COVID-19 pool regulations commitment regarding social distancing and other requirements, confirming their compliance to the regulations.   Failure to comply with these measures will result in members being prohibited from using the pool without a refund of membership fees.

There will likely be additional measures taken to promote a safe swim experience.   Additionally, as the summer evolves and assuming the decline in COVID-19 cases continues, we anticipate that some of the above restrictions may be reduced – but there can be no guarantee of this. 

Although we have been successful in securing some limited COVID-19 grants, identifying other revenue opportunities and defraying certain costs, we will incur significant additional costs associated with implementing the additional safety and operational controls required by COVID-19. Despite these increased costs, because we committed to members who previously registered to prorate registration, we will reduce dues to those who have paid in full as of 5/31/20 by $50 (or a $50 guest pass for use in 2021) upon request. Members who renew after 6/1/20 will receive a $50 guest pass for use in 2021 upon request.

As we prepare to open, your input matters.   As such we have created a Survey Monkey to assess interest in pool membership and gather your input. Click HERE to complete the anonymous survey.  Please complete the attached survey, which should take less than 3 minutes to complete, no later than Thursday, June 4.  

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please let us know at

We hope to see you this summer. Our 2020 membership form can be found here.

IRC Board