🎾 Tennis Court Update

Court Access:

  • Due to an increase in non-member usage of our tennis courts this year, and in an effort to ensure maximum court availability for our current members, we have decided it would be best to install a lock to ensure that only current IRC members are utilizing the facility. A lock on the front gate will be installed this week.
  • Access to the lock code will be emailed to current 2020 members.


  • New nets have been ordered and will be installed shortly.
  • Repair of the tennis courts have been scheduled.

Guest Policy:

  • IRC encourages members to play tennis at the club with their other tennis playing friends that may not be members.
  • Our guest policy is that for every member on the court, 1 guest is permitted to join. Example, if playing singles, 1 member & 1 guest. If playing doubles, at least 2 of the players should be members.
  • A person is permitted to be a guest at IRC tennis courts up to 5 times per membership year (regardless of which member is inviting them as a guest). After that, the person is expected to join in order to continue using the courts.

To renew your membership, complete the updated membership form here.

For additional questions please contact tennis@invernessrecreationclub.org