Important Information from IRC

Dear IRC Members:

We strive to keep IRC safe, fun and friendly throughout the entire season and every year. We’ve encountered numerous challenges this season with improper guest pass use and disrespecting lifeguard authority. Please take a few minutes to read through these reminders and and review it will all individuals within your membership.


    • A member must accompany his/her guest to the pool, and the member accompanying the guest must remain in attendance at IRC during the entire time the guest is at the facility.
    • All guests are subject to the same behavior standards and regulations which govern members. Members are responsible for apprising their guests of the safety, health, and conduct rules and will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.
    • Guest passes may not be used by members in a way that abuses the privilege. Examples of guest pass abuse include, but are not limited to: assisting an individual or family in circumventing the regular membership requirements by providing such individuals access to the IRC facilities in a way that clearly exceeds occasional, infrequent use.
    • Members who abuse their guest privileges are subject to sanction which may include temporary suspension or revocation of membership without refund.


IRC staff members, including lifeguards and the pool manager, are employed by a management company engaged by the IRC Board of Directors. If a member has concerns with the conduct of any IRC staff member, or any IRC rules, the member is encouraged to report his or her concerns to the IRC Board.  The IRC Board makes the rules, not the lifeguard staff.

IRC strives to be an inclusive community that provides a safe, comfortable environment for members, guests, and employees. To that end, members and their guests may not engage in behavior that is deemed abusive to staff. Such behavior includes arguing over enforcement of IRC rules, yelling, threats, insults, profanity, and any conduct that causes fear for personal safety. In these extreme cases, the member and/or guest may be asked to leave the premises.

To review IRC’s full policy and procedures, they can be found here. If you have any questions or additional concerns, please contact the IRC Board directly.

Thank you for your participation in keeping IRC safe and family-friendly for all members and staff.



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