Welcome to the 2018 Season!

Dear IRC Members,

Memorial Day weekend is not that far around the corner! With the recent days of warm weather, we can start to think about taking a dip on opening day when it gets warm for good. You don’t want to miss out this summer, so secure your spot for the summer, by completing and submitting the attached 2018 Membership PDF form 2018MembershipFormThumb and sending in your payment or,

Drop by Friday, March 9th, anytime between 6 – 8PM for an IRC Reunion at Lahinch in Cabin John Shopping Center.
We are awarding a CASH REBATE and a $25 value IRC Guest Pass for completed membership forms with check payment that are submitted that evening.

We have been working hard to get the pool ready for you:
  • Refinishing the pool’s whitecoat, which is the surface that protects the pool foundation, and makes it smooth and white (read: No More Pool Toe!) It usually lasts 7-10 years and unfortunately is very expensive but a necessary investment in our pool infrastructure. Our current whitecoat is approaching its 8th year, and needs to be refinished, which is scheduled for the Spring.
  • Repaired the tennis court fencing and seasonal repairs to the playing surface have been budgeted. Our Spring tennis programs start in late April, but registration has already begun so check the website for info.
  • Replacing worn-out chairs, loungers and umbrellas again this year, as we’ve done the past three years. We usually see how strong membership is before we decide how many to purchase.
  • Reinvigorate the swim team program. Stay tuned for some exciting news, including the introduction of a new coach!
  • Reinforcing our focus on building community through a fun and lively calendar of social events for kids and adults.

As you can see, we’ve needed to invest in some important upgrades, and the good news is: we’ve kept dues near 2017 levels with only a nominal increase that can be recouped by the cash rebate and guest pass reward given at the Friday, March 9 event at Lahinch in exchange for your completed membership application with payment. Hope to see you there!

Paul Lemar
President of the Board

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